fullsizerender-4Whether you have done it for decades or never even thought about it, do it! Do it now! Go apple picking at a local apple orchard with your family, with children, with friends, with neighbors…invite everyone! There are so many timeless adventures that go along with the season at an apple orchard. Experience nature by letting children (AND adults) see what it’s like to actually pickfullsizerender-5
the fruit that they eat. See all of the variety of beautiful trees, compare all of the colors of the different apples, and taste test all of them, of course! All the  while just being outside in the glorious weather that fall brings our way. Spend quality time with your family and friends while doing something a little different. Show children a new place to get outside, breath in the crisp fall air, andfullsizerender-4 get some exorsize without even realizing it. Last, but not least, take advantage of the season’s tasty specialties at lunch. Orchards usually have a beautiful selections of apples wines, apple and pumpkin beers, classic and delicious apples cider, some inventive apple cider doughnuts and even apple cider slushies! MmmmMMmmm Delicious!

Have fun! XO


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