As 2016 comes to end, I can’t help but reflect on the year: amazing times, rough times, hilarious times, and fun times. Every single one of my favorite memories has my family and friends imprinted. We celebrated a lot of accomplishments this year: My daughter took her first steps, started climbing, learned how to throw and catch a ball, and (my personal favorite) stated giving lots of kisses and hugs.


We also celebrated a great accomplishment for my husband: he completed all of his doctoral classes this year! No more late classes twice a week! He needs to make it through the rest of his dissertation, but we are counting this as a huge blessing! To celebrate this accomplishment,  I can’t think of anything more perfect to receive than a beautiful and unique men’s watch from JORD Wood Watches. As a young principal with a lot on his plate, a gorgeous watch will go with all of his stylish, yet sophisticated attire. JORD watches are not only beautiful but an intriguing conversation piece. With such a busy schedule it is easy to let time slip away without realizing it. This unique watch will serve as beautiful time piece also serves as a reminder to slow down and absorb the little moments, because those really can be the best.


JORD is company whose artists, designers, and marketers create unique watches for people to love not only because of its beauty, but because each piece serves as a reminder to treat every minute at precious. Each watch is made from one of thirteen different woods including Bamboo, Ebony, Olive, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Walnut. Using sustainable resources from around the world is a high priority for this company; being environmentally conscious should be the name of everybody’s game. Each watch is hand crafted in the U.S.A., using a scratch resistant mineral glass or even Sapphire, which is second only to diamond at the hardest and most scratch resistant glass. Overall, the material and craftsmanship are absolutely stunning while still maintaining high quality and earth friendly features. With all of this wrapped into one beautiful box, it makes the perfect unique gift for yourself or anyone special in your life.

Please visit to be entered in our JORD Wood Watches giveaway! You will receive $25 towards your own perfect wooden men’s or women’s watch. This giveaway is open through 12/21/2016. This post was sponsored by JORD Wooden Watches.


Luxury Wooden Watch

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