Yes! Finally! I have seen so many cute ornament wreaths around lately. I have made mine, remade mine and remade mine again. I finally got this one that way I wanted it, so I thought I’d share! Save yourself some time, and learn from my mistakes along the way!


Wire Hanger
Artificial Pine Garland
Ornaments (I prefer plastic)

1 Grab a wire hanger and play with it. Get it as close to a circle are you can get it. Don’t sweat it too hard if it’s not perfect right away though. It will adjust as you add pieces and the weight is distributed….and redistributed.


2 Have your ornaments handy. I chose a variety of colors. A few with prints, some shine, and some with sparkle. The majority of mine are plastic – good for the kiddos and good because it’s hanging on a door. Our door sees a lot of action these days, so I tend to steer away from stocking it with glass. I did, however,  have one amazing glass ornaments that I love, that did find its way on the wreath. There are exceptions to every rule, right??


3 Begin my wrapping a thin strand of artificial pine garland around the hanged. Wrap two or three times and them push the coils together, making a thicker base.


4 after every two, three, or four coils around the hangar with your pine garland, add an ornament. Feel free to find a pattern or theme, I used random colors at random times, and I love the way it turned out. So, any color patterns will work! (Learn from my mistakes #1: Use the pine garland! The wreaths with only ornaments never work for me. They end up a little too heavy and then never hold a good shape because of the weight on the wire hanger)


5 Continue this process until you reach the other side of the wreath. Coil, coil, coil, ornament, coil, coil, coil, ornament, coil, coil….you get the idea….


6 Eventually you will end up with a wreath that may need a little more love in the shape and placement-of-ornaments departments. Give it the adjustments that it needs. (Learn from my mistake #2: don’t use to many ornaments. the weight of them can give the wreath a lopsided look.)


7 Twist the ends of the hanger together security and cover with another coil or two of the pine garland! (Learn from my mistake #3: make sure the wreath is thin enough to fit between your main door and you screen door. If it’s too thick, and your doors squish it, you will end up with a broken ornament or two.)  And just like that, you have an adorable hand-made wreath to greet you and everyone else at your friendly door. Enjoy!


Happy Creating! XO 


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