Looking for an adorable AND unique costume for your little one? How about sushi? Follow the simple step-by-step directions to create a costume that is sure to impress!
1) Begin with one full 8×10 sheet of felt. Felt is wonderful for this project because it doesn’t fray.

2) Cut into the shape of a fish. Then simply cut slits horizontally.

3) Evenly lay out the pieces on a white onesie, letting some white peek through, giving a nice fishy effect.

4) Pin, pin, pin!

5) Stitch at a 1/4 inch seam line. I used a red thread on top to add a little accent color and a white thread on the bobbin to blend with the onsie.

5) Use one more 8×10 piece of felt for the bed of sushi. Cut into an “X” and pin down, allowing for some loose leafy detail that will be seen from the front of the costume. Pin, and sew! I stitched a couple of the extended green pieces all the way to the front of the costume, this will life the green felt a little ‘life'(see picture #6).  Almost done!

6) Last but not least, the band of “seaweed”. I up-cycled an old black t-shirt. I love a chance up-cycle! Plus, the t-shirt is stretchy, which is nice to go around little one’s belly. Fold a 6.5 inch wide band, right sides together, stitch down the raw edge and turn inside out (this is to finish raw edges and is not necessary if you use felt or fleece). Stitch close to edges. Line up the seam with the seam of the onsie to help hid it. Pin, pin, pin! Sew, sew, sew!

7) Fot extra detail, grab a pink bow to add a little ginger to “top” off your adorable and unique costume! Stitch a few felt leaves on it and voilà! You little one will be dressed to impress!

 *Bonus Idea* Want to make this a family costume? How about if mom and dad are sushi chefs?! Happy Halloween! 🎃🍣

Have fun and happy creating!

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