My Top Unique and Amazing Holiday Gifts for this Season!


During the holiday season, supporting small businesses is one of my highest priorities. There are countless reasons to do so, but my favorite aspects of them are (1) customer service is more personalized and hands-on. Find a great business owner, and they will take care of you! (2) Product options and diversity are great! (3) You can have fun exploring and hunting! (4) Small businesses are also more likely to give back to your community. Just ask them how!

I put together a collection of my top favorite gifts that I will be giving for this holiday season and for many occasions to come. Please follow, shop, and reach out. These shops are here for you and your holiday needs!



Pasoan is an amazing baby/toddler moccasin brand that has won over my myself, my daughter, and so many others! This shop carries soft handmade leather moccasins for babies and toddlers up to three years old.

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This family business started with a leatherworker from Colombia who makes beautiful moccasins that lets baby and toddler feet feel and grow as if they are barefoot, while still being protected. Thankfully, Colton, Abby, and little Audrey found them in Colombia and brought them to the U.S. to spread the love. After all, many studies have shown that the healthiest feet belonged to children who spent most of their time barefoot. These moccasins are made from 100% genuine leather for newborns through three-year olds to help their precious feet develop as they should.

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Sunflower Blue Designs

Sunflower Blue Designs creates unique and trendy earrings for everyone. The mommy-and-me options are my little one’s particular favorite! Adorable, fun, and unique designs make this an amazing gift for all of the ladies and little ladies in your life.

fullsizerender-67 fullsizerender-68fullsizerender-89 fullsizerender-65

This small business was not born overnight. It took five years of brainstorming and creating before Sunflower Blue Designs was perfected.Their passion for accessories and unique designs make this fun and unique shop exactly what it is. As a proud Navy wife and mama, all of her experiences with family and friends, new and old, are her inspirations and motivations. This business is a perfect example why I always choose to support small businesses.

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Par la Grace

I just cannot say enough about this shop. Not only is their home decor beautiful and inspiring, but the owner/designer is beautiful and inspiring as well. Our home is a bit brighter because we were lucky enough to find them.

fullsizerender-90 fullsizerender-97 fullsizerender-98

This shop creates unique signs for home decor ranging from a simply elegant ‘laundry” sign to sayings that would inspire any and every home on a daily basis. Taken straight from, because no one could say it better: “In Deuteronomy 6:9, we are told to take God’s word and to “…write [it] upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.” The purpose of my shop is to provide home decor that adds touches of beauty and serves as a reminder of God’s presence and grace in our lives.” This shop truly embodies the reason to shop small business.

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You may have heard of the new clothing company that has been popping up a lot: LuLaRoe! This originally started with one woman who handmade maxi skirts to host maxi skirt parties in order to put food on the table. Now, the company offers, women’s, men’s and children’s clothing sold by independent consultants throughout the U.S.

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So, what’s so great about it? Oh, just everything that I prioritize in clothing! It is easy to shop, the fits are flattering and the clothing is incredibly comfortable and soft while still being stylish, casual, and even professional. LuLaRoe even carries adorable holiday lines! The clothing is affordable and when you shop, you are supporting a small business, which I LOVE.

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Gisela & Zoe Vintage

Vintage shops are one of my favorite types of shops. Not only do they come with a cool and unique style, but they are amazing for the environment- two great birds, one stone!

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There are a ton of really amazing vintage shops out there, which is why vintage shopping can be so fun; it’s a new experience every time. Gisela and Zoe Vintage on Etsy is one of my family’s favorites. They carry women’s clothing and assessors for any age. They also have some great sales and are wonderful to work with! Make sure you stop by this holiday season!

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Happy Holiday! XO

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