Kids are EXPENSIVE! There is not a parent alive who has not uttered this phrase at least once or twice. So, I am ALL about a good deal! Some great deals are right under our noses: take advantages of free resources in your community. Not only can these places be simple fun for the little ones, but they might just learn a thing or two along the way. Some of your community resources are more obvious like your public parks and local libraries. However, there are some resources that you may never have thought of before even though you live just 5 minutes from them. Have you ever thought about calling to set up a tour of your local police department? If you haven’t, you should! This is such a wonderful event for so many reasons! Check out our little adventure and I think you just may want to take this trip in your neighborhood as well!


  • Everyone can explore new a building right in your neighborhood-what an important place to learn about!
  • Experience some protocol by peaking at an interrogation room & evidance lockers (empty ones, of course) 🙂fullsizerender-11
  • Practice using good listening skills while following instruction from police officers and administration.
  • You may even get to meet a different type of police employee that you never thought you would!


  • Create positive views and positive relationships with police officers in your community
  • Practice asking appropriate questions when curious about something new or something that you have always wondered about.fullsizerender-8
  • Interact with new adults and other children in an unusual environment.
  • Interact with police cars, jail cells, metal detectors and other environments that peak children’s curiosity.fullsizerender-9
  • Practice patience and safety when waiting for turns while other children are exploring as well
  • The more exposure children have within our community, the more prepared and comfortable they will be in their future experiences.fullsizerender-7
  • Use manners when having all of these new experiences at a new place in your neighborhood.
  • Practice communication by retelling your new experience to others while showing off a shiny new police badge sticker 🙂fullsizerender-5

Happy exploring! XO

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