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My two-year old daughter could not have been more thrilled to be able to wear matching earrings with this mama! “See! See!”, she exclaimed as she pointed at her earrings and then at mine…and then at hers again. This went on for a while, weeks to be exact. Matching mama just doesn’t get old! At such a young age, we can teach that expressing yourself through fashion and accessories can be healthy, fun, and a wonderful bonding experience!


As a mom, I love to match my baby girl in a subtle way. I am not a match head-to-toe kind of lady. But I am all about matching accessories! And Sunflower Blue Designs lets us do that. I could not be more thrilled to have found unique, affordable, and trendy pieces of jewelry. I love supporting small businesses and giving unique gifts. This shop truly covers it all for us!

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This small business was not born overnight. It took five years of brainstorming and creating before Sunflower Blue Designs was perfected.Their passion for accessories and unique designs make this fun and unique shop exactly what it is. As a proud Navy wife and mama, all of her experiences with family and friends, new and old, are her inspirations and motivations. This business is a perfect example why I always choose to support small businesses.

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