Ever thought about being a photographer for a day? Today’s a great day! All you need is some wrapping paper, a box, and maybe some ribbon.

1) Grab a roll of wrapping paper and tape the loose end to a tall, flat surface. I used our breakfast bar. You could also use a table, a chair, or even a wall. I like to use a simple larger print-this prevents the photo from looking too busy.

2) Grab a large box, big enough for at least one of your kids (or even pets) to fit in. I used an extra large diaper box. Wrap the box in a solid color that compliments the background color. I used silver and added a red ribbon. The silver paper picked up the background color, gave an enchanting effect.

3) Roll out the background wrapping paper making sure to give yourself plenty of room on the bottom and top. This will allow you to add text to the bottom or top of a card design, if you choose. 

4) Now this is the best part! Put a baby in the box!
5) Have some fun with your fam photo session! It’s ok if your photos extend past the wrapping paper’s edge-that may work for you when cropping for a holiday card.  6) Here’s an idea…Choose a design with snowflakes or a greeting on top and have your little one reach for it. Grab their favorite toy and hold it above the background paper.

7) Upload your image to a site that lets you personalize greeting cards and BAM! You have yourself a beautiful and professional quality photo card!

Happy creating! XO

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