Years ago I had a good friend who helped me through the incredibly daunting task of creating our baby shower registry … so, when I say “good friend,” I mean “GOOD friend”. I asked her what her favorite gifts were from her shower. She said, “all of the handmade blankets”. This stuck with me for (1) you can’t register for these and (2) because my friend was blessed with many many handmade blankets, and we were blessed with two. So, I thought that there just might be some people out there who do not have people in their lives who make blankets, and maybe I could be that person! So here is my little recipe for a simple baby blanket. Mind you, I have also given this for first and second birthdays as well Christmas and baptisms; I just make them a little larger. After all, who doesn’t love a custom make blanket to snuggle up to, no matter how old you are?

  1. Choose two soft and cozy fabrics that compliment each other. I like to find two subtle designs that tie together, creating a patchwork feel. I always use one flannel and one soft stretch knit. I usually get 1.5 yards of both fabrics. This ends up being a blanket that is a great size for even an older child. Prewash/preshrink both fabrics.


2. Iron and lay the two fabrics on top of each other, right sides together (pretty sides touching) with all corners and edges lining up. Trim if you need to in order to make the two cuts of fabric of equal size. Pin securely on all sides, using straight pins.

3. Using a 5/8 in seam, stitch around all four sides of the blanket, leaving one opening in the middle of one side to flip right-side out (see third photo below). The opening should be about 5 inches long, depending on the thickness of the fabric. Thicker fabrics may need a little more of an opening.

img_3467.jpg   img_3468.jpg             img_3469.jpg

4. Trim excess corner fabric to reduce bulk.


5. Turn the blanket right-side out. Push all of corners completely out. Iron. Pin so that edges lay completely flat on all four sides. Stitch around the perimeter of the blanket at a one inch seam line.

img_3471.jpg         img_3472.jpg

6. Last but not least, using a hand stitching needle to slipstitch the 5 inch opening closed, leaving an invisible stitch that will blend in with the machine stitching.

7. Gift to someone who will appreciate it more than you know and snuggle with it more than you could have ever thought. And…who knows.. it may just become someones favorite blanky one day.


Photo Cred: Erin, Zac & Tessa <3


Happy creating! XO

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