When it comes to bathroom redesign, small changes make a big difference! Since You are working with a smaller space, you really want to make the most of each change. So, focus on style and focus on function. Consider your goals and the costs that may go into your project. See if you can work with what you already have rather than a complete remodel in order to keep costs lower than necessary. In the end, this is just one more space that can turn your house into a home.

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Wall paper to paint
You will see in the ‘before picture’, there is wallpaper with a border. This low horizontal border is going to make a room feel smaller and even shorter. The border brings your eye down, when you consider the elements of design, is not a great a strategy. This will work against your goal of spacious bathroom. Try to avoid any decor below eye level, this way you are bringing the focus up and therefore giving the illusion of a larger, taller, more open space. On the other hand, vertical lines are wonderful! For example, our twig decor brings attention to a vertical, higher point in the room, which makes the room feel taller and more spacious.

Mirror Upgrade!
We ditched the giant frameless mirror, with no style, for a gorgeous piece of decor. This new mirror still serves the basic purpose of a mirror, but with a much cleaner and stylish look. Since you don’t want to clutter a bathroom with too much decor, make each piece count! Mirror + stylish frame = purposeful and decorative. In addition, a bathroom will feel more cluttered when a mirror goes all the way down to the vanity. Now you’re not only seeing your hand soap, candles, and Kleenex boxes once, but twice! You just doubled what appraisers to be on your counter-talk about an unnecessary cluttered feeling. To avoid this, place your mirror several inches about the vanity.

Hand Towels
Think elements of design again! Think function and style again! Hanging your hand towels longer (vertical) rather than wider (horizontal) you’re adding the to the feeling of a more spacious bathroom. Try two hand towels that are narrow rather than one wider towel. This adds even more vertical lines in this functional yet stylish space in your bathroom. Again, take advantage of this purposeful piece in a small room. Make them beautiful and useful to make the most of this smaller space.

Wall Decor
This is a small room, so less is more! Try not to make it feel smaller with too many random decorations on the walls. This can also lead to a cluttered look, which leaves you with the feeling of being in a cramped space. Remember, when you have a beautiful wall color, a decorative mirror, and gorgeous hand towels, you already have design. So think minimally and keep it simple. If you find something perfect, use it. If not, don’t force it.

Happy Designing! XO

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