This is a fun and simple holiday project that anyone can do (well, I’d recommend for ages three and up)! The best part? You probably have everything you need at your house, already…my favorite kind of projects!


1) Get your little one some practice with fine motor skills and have fun! Grab some orange construction paper and have the little one rip and cut (with child safety scissors, of course) all sorts of different shapes and sizes. This will also let them have  some control in their little world. Maybe even give an opportunity to practice their cutting skills to get started. Draw some lines on a piece of paper to cut. This will give them some fine motor practice AND build some confidence.


2) Grab that glue stick and glue, glue, glue! Use some creativity and problem solving skills. Can you pick the perfect pieces to cover up all of the white spaces? Which piece would be a good one for this spot? Glue is sticky, isn’t it? What color is the the glue? And the plate? And the paper?

3) Cut a piece of the curved plate rim and insert a paper stem. This will ensure that it lays flat, which will help those hard-working refrigerator magnets.

4) And, last but not least, let this be an opportunity to use some letter and writing skills. This will depend on the child’s skill level. In my case, I asked what each letter was and wrote the name in dotted-lines. Then this little guy traced it.


5) Watch your little pride-and-joy beam with pride and joy!

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