When my husband and I bought our home, we fell in love with every single part of it…well, except for the paint…and the and the backsplash…and the light fixtures…and the kitchen…and…well, you get the idea. So, we made the kitchen our own, and therefore, our house, our home.

Adding a breakfast bar opened the room up and offered a seating area. This gave us open space, extra counter space, and eliminates the need for a separate kitchen table all together. Good-bye beige, laminate countertops! Hello, black and grey granite! This  updated look is also so functional-no more chips and scratches, while every inch of your countertop is a cutting board- amazing!

Add some updated can lights and some drop light fixtures. not only is it pleasing to the eye, but the dimming options allow for perfect and inviting lighting combinations.

Adding depth and an easy to clean surface, made me one happy mama! This updated tile backsplash gave our kitchen the finishing touch that it needed. The icing on the cake, if you will.


When the breakfast bar came to life, it also became the home of one of my favorite fun and functional appliances in our home. We installed a mini-fridge in the breakfast bar, used for drinks. This gives us that little bit of extra refrigeration space we need, especially for entertaining. And it is just amazing!

Last but not least, we ditched the small and outdated sliding glass door, curtains, blinds, and all! We were tired of only being able to open one side of a small sliding glass door. So, we went big…huge. We installed double patio doors with storm doors and built-in blinds. It is perfect for life with kids, life with pups, and for entertaining! And it’s much more pleasing to the eye, to say the least.


fullsizerender-28 fullsizerender-2

XO Happy creating!

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