I’m sure most of you have heard of the new clothing company that is sweeping the nation: LuLaRoe! This originally started with one woman who handmade maxi skirts to host maxi skirt parties in order to put food on the table. Now, the company offers, women’s, men’s and children clothing sold by independent consultant throughout the U.S. So, what’s so great about it? Oh, just everything that I prioritize in clothing! It is easy to shop, the fits are flattering and the clothing is incredibly comfortable and soft while still being stylish, casual, and even professional. The line is affordable and when you shop, you are supporting a small business, which I LOVE.

Easy to Shop
Shop on Facebook! Be the first to comment “sold” on an item posted in albums, and it’s yours! You will complete an invoice that is emailed to you and it’s in the mail!. Not sure if you will like it? Contact the consultant-everyone has return/exchange policies. Want to shop in person to try pieces on? Even better, host a party and get lots of discounts and perks! The perks can differ from consultant to consultant, so make sure to ask.


This is a line for ALL women, No matter your side or shape, it will flatter you. Sizing is key however and the sizes run differently so make sure to peek at sizing charts. You can also feel free to ask advice from the consultant or other shoppers in the groups. LuLaRoe has a wonderful customer base, we are ready and willing to chat and help!


I have always thought that when I am comfortable, I don’t look nice. And when I look nice, I can’t be comfortable. LuLaRoe has changed all of that for me! I love that every piece is comfortable and has the option to be dressed up or dressed down. Either way, you can throw on a pair of leggings with any of their tops, and you will have a super cute ready-to-conquer-anything look.

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Even though you cannot put a price on clothes that make you look and feel good, LuLaRoe did. And it’s affordable! The adult leggings are only $25 and they are amazing! Most tops and skirts are only $35! For the great quality, you can’t beat it! Treat it right, and all of your pieces will last, event the children’ line! I especially love the kids leggings, tops and dresses as well. Comfy, soft, easy and adorable!


Supporting Small Business
Customer service is more personalized, hands-on and noteworthy. Find a great consultant or two (…or three or four!) and they will take care of you! Product options and diversity are great! All consultants will have a different inventory, so have fun exploring and hunting! Small businesses are also more likely to give back to your community. LuLaRoe is happy to hold a fundraiser party for you (in-home or online) and they will donate to your cause! LuLaRoe, itself, may even match some of the fundraised amount! Just ask a consultant for details!

If your are interested, please visit this page to dive in! Cantstopwontstopllr.com

Happy Shopping!

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