My Baby Pasoan!

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My daughter recently found her new favorite moccasins with Pasoan! And it did not take long! She was thrilled to open the lovely box that they are packaged in. This is an added detail that makes them wonderful for gifts. Once my daughter had them on her feet, she was not happy at any attempt to take them off! She also loves showing them off to all of her friends, family, and whoever is sitting next to us at the movie theater. She always makes sure to point them out to everyone around. There is no shortage of compliments on them wherever we go!


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As a parent, I love that these moccasins let my baby girl’s developing feet be protected while free to grow and move. Also, how about the fact that they stay on her feet all day long! Wear them with or without socks, and they still stay on! If you’re a parent, you know the struggle is real. The fact that they are absolutely adorable is an added bonus! The styles that are available for boys and girls range from casual to dressy. Plus the kiddos love them! What else could you ask for?!



This family business started with a leatherworker from Colombia who makes beautiful moccasins that lets baby and toddler feet feel and grow as if they are barefoot, while still being protected. Thankfully, Colton, Abby, and little Audrey found them in Colombia and brought them to the U.S. to spread the love. After all, many studies have shown that the healthiest feet belonged to children who spent most of their time barefoot. These moccasins are made from 100% genuine leather for newborns through three year olds to help their precious feet develop as they should.

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