When you are arranging your baby’s room, you are creating their happy place. This is a safe haven where they will spend endless amounts of time, and you want them to feel comfortable, calm, and completely happy. You want to do this, and you want to do it right. How can you avoid breaking that bank? What is the best furniture that will last through their teenage years and maybe even adulthood? I found some great pieces that will cover all of this, and I hope you can use it too! Let’s take a peek…


  • Safe and sturdy crib that will grow with your pride and joy!

Vertical stipes, as an element of design, will subconsciencely create a feeling of restfulness, relaxation and comfort. When you choose a neutral color scheme, it can grow with you and your family. Add a little pop of personalization with lettering above the crib and detailing in the letters, like simple flowers, gives this wall that bit of girlness that it needs.


*BONUS! When you invest in a four-in-one crib, this bed frame could last until you little one is grown! From crib, to toddler bed, to daybed, and finally a full sized bed, you will get your money’s worth with this beautiful and useful piece of furniture.



  • Surround your angel with positive thoughts and colors!

Wether your little one is old enough to read or not, it’s so important to have them surrounded with love and positive vibes. This wall was created 100% by gifts from loved ones at different events: baby showers, a baptism, and a first Christmas made this collage wall what it is today. Baby’s grandparents, great grandparents, aunt, godparents, and friends sent these pieces with love. What beautiful pictures to look at and perfect quotes to chat about with your little one. The best part? A collage wall never has to be complete! Add to it and change it as you child grows and finds more amazing pieces!



  • Cozy corner for reading, relaxing, and snuggles!

Bedtime routines are so important for little ones, so let’s create a cozy spot for that to happen. A hand knit blanket from a cousin, reclining chair to rock in (or sleep in on the longer nights) accented with a pillow to coordinate with the bedding is a perfect base. A basket of books offers your little one lots of reading choices, but still limits their choices to avoid being over overstimulated at bed time – just rotate books sections every once in a while to keep things fresh and interesting.



  • A dressing area that is sophisticatedly sweet for your sweetie!

Last but not least, one more important corner of the room to feel good about investing in, because it too will grow with your little. A standard, full sized, dresser can easily becaome a changing table and dressing area for the early years. Just add a changing pad with a cover that coordinate with the decor, and TA-DA! Changing table! When baby is no longer in need, just remove the changing pad and you have a full sized dresser that will last through adulthood!



Happy decorating! XO

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