My New favorite home obsessions: wall collages! But if you’re like me, it’s a big deal to hang things on your wall, so three years later, your walls are still blank. I recently realized the secret to your perfect wall collage. Here is comes… Go to Home Goods, Target, Hobby Lobby, or any store with great décor selections, and… here it comes…the big secret…pick…what…you…LOVE! I know, crazy right?! Don’t over think it, don’t try to put it together in your head, just pick what you love and it will come together. “If you love it,you will find a place for it”. How great is that? So simple.

A while back my mom met a woman in an antique store and she offered some advice as my mom hymned and hawed over a piece of furniture. She loved it…but did she have a place for it? Typical struggle. A woman came up to her and said, “if you love it, get it! You will find a place for it.” This spoke to me. This is how you build a home. “If you love it, get


Some specifics from my wall collage, if you see something that you love: The “H” was brown when I found it, but was easily painted. We used the same color from our kitchen walls to bring the flow of the two rooms together. The frame around it is a simple 8x10in photo frame with the back removed. The teal color was also chosen to bring rooms together. I’ve always loved the meanings of arrows, so this is two-for-one décor. Arrows remind us to always look to the future-it’s where they should always point. Every one has struggles to get through, but if you keep looking to the future, you’ll remind yourself of all the great things that could be ahead of you.


Some specifics on my entryway wall collage, if you see something that you need: use a mix of shapes and textures, but have something that ties them together, like a theme color. The matted black and white frames were purchased from Amazon, the canvas wedding pictures were printed by our photography company at Jolie Images, and the personalized cross and name sign were wedding gifts. Wedding gifts are always two-for-one decor, beautiful and sentimental.

Have fun making your own home beautiful! XO

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